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Moth or Miracle?

God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

I heard a story about a passenger train traveling at high speed through a dangerous mountain pass. In the night darkness the engineer was mysteriously waved to a stop by a reappearing ghostly figure. Upon stopping, the conductor became weak in the knees as he realized the bridge was out and hundreds of lives were saved.

The mysterious stranger could not be found.

As society is in wanting to know cause and effect, great study was done to determine the origin of the phantom ghost. After much examination a dead moth was found plastered to the train’s headlight. When an alert crime scene investigator wet the moth and flickered the spotlight to simulate a rumbling train, the moth appeared to be a person jumping up and down, flailing his arms.

The mystery of the ghostly figure was solved by a reasonable explanation. It was only a coincidence.

Upon hearing the conclusion, Queen Victoria said, “The moth landing on the headlight at the right time and flapping its wings before death, was no mere accident, it was God’s way of protecting us.”

Cleddie Keith says “There is no such thing as a coincident; it is a Godcident.”

God uses natural phonenon to produce supernatural events. He uses ordinary things to bring about extra-ordinary circumstances. He uses frail people to bring about faithful conclusions.

Become sensitive to the mysterious working of God in your life. Allow him to use ordinary you to bring to pass a miracle in someone’s life.

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