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Breaking Patterns

There is a bigger disparity between knowing and doing than between ignorance and knowledge. The tension is not only in having the necessary mental tools, but also in having the will to put them into practice. Allow these suggestions to be instrumental in putting your know-how into action.

Make your intentions known. Spend time thinking about who you want to become rather than what you want to do or to have. We become frustrated when our actions do not match our core values. Become aware of your intentions and watch your actions harmonize. Verbalize your goals to a trusted friend who can help you stay on track. Do not become defensive when he/she holds you to your objective.

Monitor mood regulators. It is difficult to make positive changes when you are self-sabotaging. The obvious mood managers are adequate sleep, reduced stress, enough exercise and healthy eating. Other temperament supervisors have to do with the thoughts you think and the perspective you take. It is “one of those days” only as long as you claim it. Look for the best in every situation.

Develop a learner’s spirit. Do not set yourself up as the standard of right and wrong. Your way may have worked in a limp-along-manner, but be open to improved ways. Give up the “but I always thought” attitude and embrace change. Enlarge your view by listening to other perspectives and rationally consider the possibilities. At all times, look for the lessons to be learned

Anything that is appreciated goes up in value. Look at the worse case scenario, not to be negative but to develop appreciation for what you already have or where you already are on the success scale. In relationships, appreciate the individual for who he/she is, not as you would have them to be, and see how dramatically your rapport will improve.

The bottom line is, you stop by stopping. It’s that simple. And also that profound. Make the rest of 2009 your time to overcome.

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