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Listen To Your Wisdom Heart

                                                  “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Jesus

Or so he becomes.

Thoughts vs. Feelings: Thoughts ‘spin’ our reaction to experiences in such as way as to override our wisdom-heart. If a gun was put to your head, “I’m going to die”, is a thought. Panic is a feeling. Anger is a feeling.

“Unless you can describe it as a sensation, whatever is going through your mind is not instinct but thought.” Life Coach Martha Beck

Vision Board: – Having a vision board is nice but does not impact reality, It is the process that impacts reality. The process of selecting the images is what sticks in your automatic success steering mechanism that drives your choices in a direction that turns thoughts into things. GPS – (Godly-Positioning-Spirit) Global Positioning Satellite position.

Let It Be: - Observe what is going on inside you. Say, “yes” to the experience. Say, “yes” to the anxiety, the fear, the tension, the anger or whatever.

Saying “yes” gives space for feelings to unfold so you can get in touch with and heed your wisdom-heart. By saying “yes” to seemingly negative situations you give yourself permission to relate to life differently.

Failure is Not Fatal: Neither is a slump. Do not allow setbacks or discouragement to paralyze you. Rest, re-think, re-group and get back in the driver’s seat. Allow the obstacle to slow you down just long enough to reawaken within you and observe how deeply this dream is a road map to your destiny.

Look and Learn: Pay attention to mistakes or lethargy and allow those missteps to work for you. Growing research shows that we can rewire our brain to approach old habits of thought or action with challenges.

Be Good To You: The key is to turn paralyzing fear into activating energy. But how? Try a little self-compassion. Psychologists tell us that compassion is the most healing emotion there is. Love yourself enough to believe that you can do better and deserve better.

Talk to the Heart: It is listening. Beating yourself up has never accomplished anything positive. Instead, say things like, “Try not to be so hard on yourself” or “It’s okay. Everyone has a down day” or “If your dream was impossible you would not have thought it up!”

Nurture your growth by treating yourself gently.

Don’t Cope - Overcome" It really is all about you. External validation does not matter as much as your own internal self-evaluation. We generate the results we believe we deserve.

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