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Beat the Winter Blues

Although February is the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seems like the longest. With cold days and gray skies and the deadness of the landscape, we overlook that spring is around the corner. Here are some thoughts for beating the winter blues.

Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Write down three things for which you are thankful. Everyday. Deliberate and do not record the same item twice. When being thankful for an individual – say your mate – enumerate a different character quality or deed.

Engage Life. Dance. Put on some music and sway back and forth. Allow the movement to awaken your spirit. Feed the birds and watch their antics. Socialize. Do something to add zest to your daily routine.

Let there be light. Dig out a few Christmas lights and swag over a window or fireplace to brighten the place up on dreary days. Give your home a festive look; decorate a table or special area. The theme is not so important, just add sparkle and cheer. Sit and luxuriate in the beauty of your handiwork.

Read for the pleasure of pure entertainment. Laugh with a comedy or be taken away by a romance novel. Hone your strategizing skills with a spine-tingling mystery. Find empowerment in true-life experiences written by those who have been there. Be comforted through Holy Scriptures.

Stay warm. Layer your clothing to allow air to act as insulation. Keep your hands, feet and head covered. Bundle up and take a relaxing walk.

Treat yourself. Employ simple ways to delight you. Drink hot chocolate from your best china cup. Wear a colorful scarf. Purchase a small item that makes you feel special. Surround yourself with the soft light and sweet smell of a candle.

This too shall pass. Carl Jung said, “The gold is in the dark.” What is the winter season trying to teach you? Allow this poem to be a source of encouragement.

When you're feeling down and all alone,
and your faith in tomorrow is gone;
Without the night, the sun would seem dim;
and thorns are found on the roses' stem;
It is stones in the brook that creates a song,
as the waters flow faithfully along;
And roots grow deepest in the winter's frost.
So cheer up, my child, your hope is not lost.
© 1986 Mona Dunkin

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