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Mona's Timely Tips for Efficiency

There is no more time to be made. Everyone is allotted twenty-four hours in a day. At one time or another, everyone has felt like the Egyptian mummy - pressed for time. How you invest in time is up to you. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your time.

1. Find the freedom of a schedule. "Finding" time produces anxiety and guilt; making time results in success,relaxation and fulfillment. What is important is scheduled; what is scheduled, gets done.

2. Keep a calendar. Before going to bed write down "The Six Most Important Things I Must Do Tomorrow"

3. Write it down - in a planner, not on scraps of paper to be lost. The faintest ink is worth more than the most retentive memory.

4. Record ideas. Everything that has ever been accomplished was once an idea. If not written down, it will be forgotten and therefore, not done.

5. Use wait time productively. Book, pad, pencil, calendar - don't leave home without them.

6. Organize your work area and keep it neat. Have proper equipment within your reach.

7. Handle it once.

8. Do one job at a time and give it your full attention. This one thing I do...

9. Say "No" without feeling guilty. Never say "Yes" just to be liked.

10. Develop your listening skills. Ask pertinent questions. Think about and picture the results.

11. Bunch tasks together.

12. Can you give it fifteen minutes?

13. Effectively use "think" time.

14. Work on your dream every day without exception. "What did I do today to make my dreams come true?"

15. Set limits on how long a task will take.

16. Learn the joy of a job well done. Give up perfectionism.

17. TNT - today not tomorrow

18. Do it right the first time. If you are expending energy on a project, do it with excellence.

19. Cooperate with others. Work together.

20. Know the limits of "your job".

21. Determine the difference between urgent and important. "What would happen if I don't do this?"

22. Focus on priorities daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

23. Do not become involved in problems others can handle without your input. Determine who owns the problem.

24. Make a commitment to someone else of what you are going to do.

25. The best minute spent is the one invested in people. People are our greatest assets.

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