Take Charge of Your Life

of Your
L  I  F  E 

As a tribute to the late Dr. William Glasser you are invited to attend a free presentation based on his book Take Charge of your Life. The focus in this course is application to one’s personal life. It is involves the empowering notion of making our own choices in every area – thinking, feeling, acting, relating, responding… The concepts are easy to learn easy to apply and produce amazing results.

Learn How to Get What You Need

  • Gain effective control over negative feelings such as anger, guilt, depression and choose more positive thinking behaviors
  • Become more self accepting and less critical of others
  • Learn specific techniques for resolving conflict - inside oneself or with others
  • Add happiness and connect better in important relationships

The sessions will cover…
  • Knowing what you can control and what you have no control over
  • Needs, wants and things that are important to you
  • Relationship habits
  • Perceptions that shape our reality
  • Behavior choices

Date: Friday, June 6, 2014 
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (lunch on your own) 
Location: Hotel Indigo - 211 Clay Avenue - Waco, Texas
Preregister to receive a downloadable Participant’s Manual
Mona Dunkin, 254-749-6594

For June and July 2014 schedule this introductory course to be presented to your business, school, church or civic organization.
  • There is no limit to the number of participants.
  • It can be taught in one 6-hour session, two 3-hour sessions or three 2-hour sessions.
  • A limited number of spaces are available. 
  • Call today. 254-749-6594 Mona Dunkin 

Dr. Glasser has written many books based on human behaviour. He will always be remembered for founding Reality Therapy Psychology, resulting from his experience and research in a mental hospital and a correctional institution. He described how he believed people chose their behaviour and could therefore alter it. Counselors, psychologists, social workers and educators enthusiastically welcomed his work and began implementing it in schools, clinics and correctional institutions. As time passed Dr. Glasser developed an educational reform program now known as "The Glasser Quality School". Dr. Glasser's Eulogy

To schedule Take Charge of Your Life for your business, school, church or civic organization, please contact Mona Dunkin, 254-749-6594.  A limited number of spaces are available.  Call today.