Growing Into the Goal

Just as the goal of a ballgame is to score points, there are other strategies involved to get to that end. Scoring one point is not the end result, but to score again and again and again.

To make goal setting and attainment less overpowering, use this simple formula.

1. Have an idea, either original or improvement of an existing product/service.

2. Incorporate strategies of how to turn those ideas into a reality.

3. Take steps, one after another, for implementation.

4. Develop discipline to keep on keeping on.

Of necessity, a goal must include a personality change. You do not attract what you want, but you attract what you are - thus far. To grow into the goal is to develop new attitudes and actions. Change comes not with planning alone, but with a new mind-set and exploits.

Perhaps an attitude change is the most imperative. How do you view yourself? As self-employed or as an entrepreneur? The self-employed individual hires self to do all the work, whereas an entrepreneur hires self to provide a service or product and to produce jobs for others.

The mind-set of being a job-developer changes the shift to grow into.

Spend a few minutes and write down a minimum of five personality changes needed for you to grow into your goals. Some examples are:

  • Healthy lifestyle of quality eating and quality movement (as opposed to the dreaded diet and exercise)
  • Develop an abundance mentality. Picture people being willing to pay you for your services and products.
  • Appreciate the wisdom of life lessons and overcome self-imposed limitations.
  • Consistently focus on top priorities.
  • Say “No” when it is in your own best interest and feel good about it.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs regarding your education, or skills, or people skills.

You can set a goal but you cannot do a goal. Setting is a passive endeavor; accomplishment requires action. After formulating the blueprint, it is activities (and personality change) that moves you to your goals.

We are complicated individuals of mind, emotions and will. It is with the mind that one thinks about the issues of life; consider, weights and measures. It is with the emotions that one feels the issues of life; happy, sad, angry, excited. It is with the will that one decides about the issues of life; says “Yes” or “No” to opportunities, “Yes” or “No” to temptations, “Yes"s” or “No” to challenges.

Procrastinate and think about your goals, or get in the game and do something about them. The choice is up to you and what you will yourself to do.
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