Better Late Than Never

Where does the time go? Can you believe it is March already and daffodils are blooming? Seems like yesterday we were making, and breaking new years resolutions. With everything green and growing, seems like yet another opportunity to make or renew commitments. Here are a few thoughts to ensure your personal and business success.

Be realistic about the time frame needed for accomplishment. Perhaps your plans have not materialized because you stopped too soon. The resolve was for accomplishment within a calendar year. On Good Morning America, Robin Roberts and Dianne Sawyer are just now getting around to beginning to fulfill their new years resolutions. Robin’s goal was to organize her dressing room, a feat that could be accomplished within a few days of intense work. Diane’s goal is to fit into a smaller skirt size, a task that by its very nature requires a deeper commitment and longer time frame.

Give yourself room to grow. If your goal is not beyond your reach, then it is not a true goal. The distance between what you are already doing and what you want to do is called growth. Life is about tension. We need challenges that are invigorating; yet not so challenging they are frustrating. Yet, the distance between challenging and frustrating is called growth.
I have planted bulbs and wildflower seeds. In order to grow they need good soil, nutrients, water and sun. What do you need in order to grow? As the seedlings grow, they need to be thinned and replanted or discarded. What needs to be pruned from your life that will allow better growth?

Develop tenacity that overcomes tiredness, discouragement and unbelief. Suppose you were given a bucket of 100 oysters with the promise of finding two pearls. Would you take on the task of opening them? Most would readily exclaim, “Sure! Give them to me!”
In theory that sounds wonderful. You eagerly begin, but oysters are tough little critters to open. You open twenty and not one pearl. Thirty - and still no pearl. Forty, fifty, sixty, and no pearl! Not one. Not even a hint of one forming. Tiredness takes over. Discouragement sets in. Unbelief rears its ugly head. All too many people give up in despair.

Take heart! There are forty oysters to go. See the experience thus far as strengthening your muscles and resolve for throughput. To open 100 oysters requires personal growth. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. And it better late than never.

DON’T COPE, OVERCOME: Remember, it is better late than never. A goal set and accomplished. An expression of thanks given. An apology rendered. A word of encouragement spoken. A relationship mended. A bucket of oysters tacked.

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