Risking Success

The story is told of war, crime, punishment and prisoners-of-war scheduled for the firing squad.
The prisoners were given a choice of facing the volley of guns or an unknown fate that lay beyond the ominous “black door”. One by one, each man chose known death rather than the unknown horrors of “the black door”.

Few people are brave enough to explore the unknown; they stay in the rut, surviving but not thriving. Life is a risk even though the devil you know may seem better than the devil you don’t know. God left poetry unwritten, cities unbuilt, innovations unfounded and space unexplored that we might participate in the act of creation. Scary though it may be, decisions await that takes us from the mundane known to the blissful unknown.

Oh, and what was beyond the “black door”? Freedom. To take risk is to live by faith.

Get in touch with your inner child. What did you want to be when you were a child? You know, the innocent confidence before someone said you could not be or do that. The more we are in touch with our natural gifts the greater our success and fulfillment. Go ahead, get in touch with your creativity, live by your own rules, march to your own drum and make beautiful music.

Picture it. We think in pictures and the more vivid your life-dreams the easier they are to be developed. Use imaginings to keep you motivated to live up to your God-given potential. Caution: Do not deceive yourself into thinking you can do something if you really put your mind to it. Action must follow the dream or it is a mere fantasy.

Give yourself room to grow. Often we will give grace to others but not to ourselves. Remember learning to ride a bicycle? It was so much fun you did not mind skinned knees and the training wheels were a part of learning. Crutches are okay when needed to promote healing. Know that a delay is not denial; learn to differentiate between a set back and failure. Do not cling to false beliefs that impede your growth.

Act in spite of your fears. Sometimes fear is a good place to start as it makes you more cautious. But don’t be too cautious or you will stay stuck in preparation. Be like Anna in The King and I: “Whenever I feel afraid, I strike a careless pose, and whistle a happy tune, and no one ever knows: I’m afraid.” After whistling and dancing, she goes on to sing, “The result of this deception is very strange to tell…. For when I fool the people I fear, I fool myself as well.”
Action is the distraction. It will work for you too.

Answer the hard questions. Part of the pain of mediocrity is realizing you have not been honest with yourself.

  • What do I have to gain from taking this risk?
  • Am I holding on to the familiar because of a supposed vague undefined loss?
  • What false beliefs stand between me and success?
  • When am I going to begin?

The threat of losing false security undermines risking success. Freedom lies behind your “black door”. Open it. Receive it. Embrace it.

DON’T COPE, OVERCOME: To risk is to exceed one’s self-imposed limits. Admit you are not where you want to be and lose your pretense. In every risk there is a potential loss so give it conscious thought, develop an action plan and take the plunge.

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