Why Do Bad Things Happen?

ASK MONA: Insights into perplexing questions

Dear Mona,

During a routine water baptism, our young, dynamic and much-loved pastor was electrocuted. If God is so good why did he let him be electrocuted? Why did God not intervene?

Sorrowful congregant

Dear Sorrowful,

My deepest concern for you and your fellow parisioners.

May I start off with an insight: When God created the universe, he put certain laws into effect and they work regardless of who uses, or misuses, them. One of those principles is that electricity and water does not mix. This principle was in effect before it was discovered by man and before being harnessed into electricity. Note Benjamin Franklin and the key and the lightening.

God is good and he is fair, even though we may not understand or agree. God gave each of us the wonderful gift of a free will and he chooses to not take our choices away from us regardless of the consequences. To do so would make him a bully. We often question the goodness of God when difficult things happen, but take it for granted at all the blessings received. We do not question him as to why he is so good to us.

It is easy to remember the resurrection and overlook the cross. God did not spare his own son the effects of the ravages of sin. God is so fair, he allows sin to show its ugly head so it will show itself to be what it truly is – evil and destructive.

God is always with us in our suffering and he shares our pain, even though he does not try to
explain it. Never forget the suffering Jesus went through and how God’s heart was broken. To deny suffering is to deny who Jesus is.

May you rest in God's comfort,